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Hannah's Back!

Noah was so excited when Hannah returned to Davis Day Care. He's learned so much in the two weeks she was gone. The first new trick he just had to show her was being able to pull up on anything.; even her "bouncy"! Now, Hannah wasn't too impressed with that trick but she did enjoy the bouncing the seat does that Noah discovered. I think he stayed there bouncing her for at least five minutes!
Myra was happy, too. Now she has two babies to pick on (see "When Sisters Attach" at www.thesquatch.com). Hannah laughed just like Noah does when "Sister" is being rough. I just don't get it. Oh well.
Welcome back, Little Missy!
Auntie Chris

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2005/3/31 19:54

I told her daddy that she needs a brother or sister to play with! But I guess Noah and Myra will have to do for now since Daddy said \"NO!\"