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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Josh Peters

A day after Ricky and I celebrated our 5th anniversary we helped celebrate the union of another couple: Joni and Josh! Joni teaches 3rd grade with me at Chisholm and is a super sweet gal. It was nice to have Ricky actually go with me to a weekend function instead of me flying solo due to all of his wedding gigs. The wedding was very sweet and FULL of Aggie pride (which us Okies don't really understand! I call it a cult following of sorts!!!).

Carlynn and I were in charge of the programs and the cake. We even got a pretty little flower to wear!

Hannah spent the evening with one of Ricky's former students, Valerie, and her mom. They took her to NRH2O and had a blast. Since Hannah had joined us for our official anniversary dinner at Moni's, we decided to take advantage of the sitter time and had a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse with just the two of us. I teased him about whether or not we could last 45 more years... Time will only tell won't it?!?!? Congrats to the happy couple!!! We wish you the best!

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Carlynn carbriley [at] yahoo [dot] com
2006/7/10 02:07

You and Ricky don't look nearly as happy as Joni and Josh. 5 years will do that to you. Just ask Eric. Actually the pic of you guys turned out good. Man, I'm a good photographer!