[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 07/23/2007 04:02

Websites & Pictures & Linux Oh My!

It's been a busy couple of weeks. With the help of Josh I was able to install Linux on a little network drive I had in my closet. This has opened up many possibilities one of which is hosting my own website. http://www.rgode.homeftp.net:81/ This began more as a proof of concept, have nothing else to do this summer, project. But, it has enabled me to share virtually every digital picture we've ever taken and then some. Feel free to look around. This software called JAlbum created all the html code for the pictures. I really like how it emulates looking through "My Pictures" on windows.

I was also able to get an AMAZING deal on some computers form eBay. In fact, I got two for myself, one for my sister, two for some friends, and now my boss wants one. They are Dell GX260 towers. P4 2.4Ghz, 80GB Hard Drives, 512MB Memory, CDRW Drive, 1000MB integrate network adapter. They are very nice. One turned into my DVR and another became the new desktop2. It is a sad day, as its replacing my very first Dell, I bought in 1998 Bill doesn't know it yet, but he's getting a new computer. (It's way better than his current desktop and runs Google earth.)

Since Josh got me on this Linux thing, I decided to install it on my desktop2 and dual boot it with windows. A few hours later and everything works great! Better still Linux is FREE! They have made it really easy to get applications and one that I got is called VirtualBox It lets me run Windows XP virtually while I run Linux. It works very well and FREE!