[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 11/27/2007 01:34

One SUPER Halloween

This Halloween's photo shoot was a little different with the TWO of them. Andrew is soooo squirmy. He kept rolling over on Hannah which she didn't care for. "Stop Baby Andrew, stop hitting Hannah!"

We ended up with a great shot thanks to the Daddy's magic and off we went to get some loot. Greenfield Elementary was having a Trunk or Treat so we decided to try it out. There were a lot of games and lots of yummies. Hannah had a hard time waiting in line to play the game and just wanted to get the candy.

Andrew didn't care much for the stroller and insisted on being carried. He is such a wiggly that it is hard for me to hold him for long... Sure got my workout!

We headed back to the neighborhood and stopped at a few houses along the way. Once back at the house Hannah helped me pass out some candy. Daddy entertained Andrew since it was a little chilly for him to be out.

All and all it was one SUPER fun night. Next year the boy will be running to keep up with his sister... Can't wait!