[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 04/30/2006 03:20

Welcome to the World, Madison Kate!

Hannah's circle of friends continues to grow with the newest addition: Baby Madison! Madison arrived March 28th, 2006. Hannah and I along with Karen (a former colleague from Mendoza) and Will (her sweet little boy) journeyed out to Keller last Thursday to meet her and take her mommy some food.

Hannah rather enjoyed having someone in the backseat to talk to on the way over. She just kept looking at Will and jabbered away! When we got there, Hannah was even more excited to see Mason and Emily there. So many kids to play with! She had such a good time running from toy to toy. She didn't quite care to see her mommy holding another baby. Can you say "only child"? Just kidding!

Congrats to Erin and Carl on the newest addition to their family. So glad that we finally got to meet her!!! She is precious!