Received 04/20/2006 15:53

Thanks for the memories . . .

Dear Ricky, Anna, and Hannah,

eek, I lost my first email to you from a computer lock up- so now
you get the short version :-) Probably just as well.
I just wanted to say it was great seeing you all and I was glad to
have the visit. Hope you guys had fun too. [and the drive home wasn't
too bad] Tell your parents THANKS for the egg hunt and the
goodies- it was so nice of them to invite us too.

And Anna, I am soooo glad to hear how much you enjoy your new job- it
makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?

I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos; sorry, don't mean to
rush you, but I'm anxious to see how they turned out. Hannah is a
little cutie- I just love that age [okay, most every age] but `1 1/2
is about the best. I should think once she learns some more words
she'll have less frustration- so hang in there. Here's a website I
like to read. Don't be scared off by the fact she says they have 10
kids in the first sentence [you'd think they break it to you gently],
but think of it instead that they must have oodles of
experience!! :-) Enjoy!!!

blessings and love,

deborah ann

deborah a. mackall
deborah [at] goldensquare [dot] net
married 8/84
homeschooling since 1991
NFP since 1988
girls born in '86, '89, '03
boys born in '92, '97, '01