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Guess Who's a Big Girl?

Ah, this cold, rainy, wet weekend... What to do? What to do? What a better time to move Hannah into her big girl bed! Her bedding came in Friday evening. She was so excited when I opened it. She just laid down on the comforter on the floor and pretended to go to sleep on her "bed". I really think she thought that was going to be her bed! When Ricky said it was time for bed that evening, she headed straight for the floor.

Saturday night Daddy and Hannah started the hard work: take down the crib and moving it to her brother's room and moving the big bed to her room. She was so excited about helping Daddy take down the bed. She even made sure he put her frame in the right way. She just kept saying, Bed, bed!

We dressed her bed up with her new comforter. I was really worried that we couldn't find anything to match the blue on her walls. I know the Daddy didn't want to paint again. Luckily Walmart.com has just what we were looking for. I think it has just the perfect amount of blue and a mix of pinks, purples, and yellows along with a few flowers which she loves. And even better: no painting!

Hannah didn't want to get off of it long enough for us to put it on. She learned how to climb up all by herself. The whole night she kept going into her room and saying, "Light on!" and then she would climbed on her bed and play.

I wasn't quite sure how she would be at bedtime though. I was expecting a struggle, but she marched straight into her room and got her Doras and blankets and went right to sleep! The next morning when Ricky went in to get her, she was sitting straight up in her bed just talking away!

She loves her new room. On Sunday she played all day on her bed with all of her toys. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that she CONTINUES to like her bed especially after the baby gets here.

She is officially not a baby anymore! Well, except for the diaper thing, but one milestone at a time...We will save that for another rainy day!

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Big Girl!!!