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One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians...

Hannah was so excited to show me her little Indian outfit. "Miss Janetta called us little Indians, that's so silly Daddy," said Hannah. But I was told I couldn't sing the little Indian song, it was for Ms. Janetta's only (Miss Janetta is one of her Development Center teachers.) She even wanted to pose for this photo.

She was so sad at bath time because she wanted to keep her "stripes"

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Barbara Black bblac [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
2009/5/23 00:58

I miss you guys!!! I\'ve just spent about 45 minutes going through all the pics and posts.<br />
What a fun time I had!!! I especially love the video of Drew in the tub...LOL<br />
Such a beautiful family!<br />
Love you,<br />

Barbara Black bblac [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
2009/3/6 00:46

OMG... You guys are having some of the best times of your life with these two darling kids! Yes, they are precious and a handful, but I can tell you are working together to make it all work and have the most beautiful family...Keep up the good work!And then you both have your &quot;kids&quot; at school too!<br />
FYI... Your real kids make you a better teacher and your school kids make you a better parent. Think about it.<br />
Love,<br />