[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 10/03/2007 01:09

Our Home Theater PC

Our DVR is THE GREATEST THING EVER! Last summer I decided to get into the Home Theater PC market by building my own tivo. Except this would be better, I would have full control of the content without restrictions and I would never have to pay any subscription fees. I bought a computer off eBay, added a couple of hauppauge 150 TV Tuners and a caller ID modem (that way when someone calls, I can see it on the TV) I use a program called SageTV running 24/7 on Windows and its track record has been excellent. Last month, I bought another TV tuner and upgraded the software and now my DVR is PERFECT!

Two of the tuners have coax running directly into them. We get digital cable, but I was never able to get the ir blaster to work so I could change the channel with my computer. The new Tuner Card had an updated chipset and it controls my Digital Set Top Box, so I am now able to get all those digital channels I was never able to get before. With three tuners it is almost impossible for us to miss a show and every computer in our house can become a TV, which has created a monster named Hannah. She doesn't realize that not everyone has "Dora on Demand"