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Our Home Theater PC

Our DVR is THE GREATEST THING EVER! Last summer I decided to get into the Home Theater PC market by building my own tivo. Except this would be better, I would have full control of the content without restrictions and I would never have to pay any subscription fees. I bought a computer off eBay, added a couple of hauppauge 150 TV Tuners and a caller ID modem (that way when someone calls, I can see it on the TV) I use a program called SageTV running 24/7 on Windows and its track record has been excellent. Last month, I bought another TV tuner and upgraded the software and now my DVR is PERFECT!

Two of the tuners have coax running directly into them. We get digital cable, but I was never able to get the ir blaster to work so I could change the channel with my computer. The new Tuner Card had an updated chipset and it controls my Digital Set Top Box, so I am now able to get all those digital channels I was never able to get before. With three tuners it is almost impossible for us to miss a show and every computer in our house can become a TV, which has created a monster named Hannah. She doesn't realize that not everyone has "Dora on Demand"

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Hannah's Television Debut

This is another post I've been meaning to get done. Hannah is privileged to have an uncle who is a professional cameraman/editor/has connections. He was able to work some video he shot of Hannah while she played with Kennedy and Angie in the park in Oklahoma. Hannah moves fast, so if you blink, you will miss her.

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Anna's Television Debut

When working on Hannah's Television Debut, I remembered I had a video of Anna on TV. Her school got a very prestigious Blue Ribbon Award. Channel 8 came to her school and shot a bunch of video of her teaching. Granted she didn't get as much face time as I did in my video, but she got in her 15 seconds of fame.

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Congratulations Tiger

It has taken me forever to get around to posting about this.  This summer I was able to go to the 2007 PGA Championship in Tulsa at Southern Hills with Hayden and Ben.  It was free for me and best of all, I was able to bring my camera and get some pics of Tiger himself.