[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 03/31/2006 03:36

Sick No More!

Well, it's official. The Gode household is once again germ free!!! The last of the medicine went down the hatch today. It all started the Wednesday of Spring Break when Hannah who is normally just a squealer turned into a crying, head banging mess while in the care of Daddy. Nothing calmed her until we got in the car and she seemed fine.

Fast forward to the next afternoon: same thing, but this time the car ride didn't work. Then she started tugging at her ear and then it dawned on me: Maybe she has an ear infection! You see the only other time she had an ear infection she DIDN'T pull at her ear. Then again what 5 week old baby even KNOWS she has ears, much less that she can pull it!

So off to the doctor's we went. Unfortunately, Dr. Miller was busy so we had to see another doctor. She was VERY nice, but Hannah wasn't really too patient with her. 0 dollars later worth of meds and a co-pay and we were on our a way to healthy ears.

Fast forward to Monday the next week: Mommy's left ear starts hurting so I go to the school clinic and low and behold I have fluid on the ear. I thought it would just go away and ignored it until...Thursday night when the OTHER ear started hurting! So off to the doctor Mommy went and sure enough: another double ear infection. So another and a shot and I was on my way to healthy ears.

Ricky started to worry and wonder if it was contagious. Everyone else told me that they have never heard of an adult getting a double ear infection, but Ricky calls me a "broke-down" mess so maybe that is the reason it found me! I still have a little fluid on the right one, but with any luck it will find its own way out.

The bad news is that the girls had planned me a surprise 30th party on Saturday and had to cancel it when I got sick. I felt so bad for ruining the party, but we are planning to go out on the town soon to celebrate!

Hopefully, it will be our last run to the doctors for a while!!!