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One "Egg" Citing Weekend

Last weekend we had many things to occupy our time with. Daddy even got to join us in between his shoot. On Friday we headed out to my school for the 1st Annual Chisholm Ridge Sock Hop.

Unfortunately for me, my poodle skirt didn't fit me so Hannah and I just went in our "party" dress. On the way home from school that day she told me that Daddy needed to wear his "party" dress as well and then began to giggle. It is so funny to watch her little sense of humor start growing.

I had been asked if Ricky would take the pictures. Of course, he had a wedding! But... the good news was that he wouldn't be able to make the rehearsal anyway so off to the Hop he went.

Hannah had such a good time running around playing with some of my students. It was the perfect environment for her: no sitting still required and lots of space to run! They even had fun noodles and balloons!

Vanessa entertained her so well for me along with her 3 older sisters. I think she wore her out though. Vanessa was awful tired when she left. When it was finally time for us to go home Hannah certainly didn't want to leave.

On Sunday we were off to the 1st Annual Chiz Kids Egg Hunt complete with the Easter Bunny. My principal threw a little party for the teacher's kids and grandkids. She did the same thing at Christmas with Santa. It was nice afternoon complete with what else: CUPCAKES!

Hannah scored lots of eggs and goodies, but would only sit on the Bunny's lap as long as her little brother, I mean Mommy would too. Please ignore the fact that Mommy seems to be so much bigger than the bunny. The bunny was our PE teacher and she is in WAY better shape than me.

We had such a great time. Now it's Easter weekend and time for more egg hunting, but the weather is supposed to be in the high 40's to low 50's tomorrow with a chance of snowy flurries on Easter Sunday. We Texans (I mean Okies that happen to reside in TX) aren't sure we can handle being out in it. Although our "northern" blood might keep us warm! Check back tomorrow and see!