[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 09/07/2005 03:04

Hannah's New Camcorder!

As if we didn't need yet another method to record something. Welcome the HannahCam. Thanks to some ingenious people on the web and some spare parts lying around my house I was able to hack a popular one time use video camera from CVS using this website. I didn't have a Palm III cradle so I made due with what I did have. I soldered the 4 wires directly to the circuit board. Then I soldered those wires to a connector. Then I modified the end just slightly so that I could put everything back together. Using an old usb cable I soldered the 4 wires to the other end of the connector. The first time I soldered them they looked better, but after looking at the schematic I realized that I had it backwards, so I fixed it real quick. After installing the drivers and software, the camera dumped all its footage perfectly. I now have a camcorder that records to a flash drive so there are no moving parts! I think Hannah was pretty excited about the whole thing don't you?