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RC Videos!

What are we to do when Hannah isn't playing with her New Camcorder? Put it on my RC Airplane that's what! Yesterday Josh and I went out to the Fort Worth Thunderbird RC Flying Field. Josh brought his camera, and we attached the little CVS camera to the side of my plane with some rubber bands. Josh took footage on the ground while the little CVS camcorder took in the aerial footage. The aerial footage came out pretty good for our first try. If it wasn't so hot, we would have done some more retakes. We really only had 4 flights, with the camera facing a different direction each flight. Usually this airplane is a real performer with the engine having more than enough power to pull it around, but with this camera on it, it flew like a rock and there was a bit of a cross wind.

When we got home Josh and I each took the footage and sort of had a battle of the edits. We each edited the footage and compared our edits with each other. I think they both came out pretty good. We even ended up choosing most of the same footage. On the last flight, the engine quit, and the resulting dead stick landing was less than perfect. I think Josh's video captured that part well. Click on each picture below to see the videos. Feel free to comment on each.

Ricky's Video

Josh's Video

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Cameron's Visit to Prestwick Portraits

Today Hannah had a friend come over for some pictures.