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All Hail Pinkie Pie...

Well, Pinkie Pie seems to know what she is doing when it comes to potty training. We have been trying to convince Hannah for a while that peeing in the potty is what ALL the cool kids are doing these days.

She wants NO part of it. She will hold it ALL day long and go once a day maybe twice, usually at bedtime or naptime. Auntie Chris often has to change her b/c her pull-ups are falling apart NOT b/c they are wet!

We have tried candy, potty stickers, pretty undies... you name it we have tried it.

Anyway, the past few weeks she has started to use the potty, but not without a fight. She would scream and cry the whole time. Her latest quote at my mom's was (as she is putting pee pees in the potty), "No I am NOT doing it!" over and over...

She doesn't want to look at it and she certainly doesn't want to TALK about it with ANYONE! I know she will be fine once she decides to (especially since she seems to have the bladder of an elephant). When she goes, she goes LOTS!

Well, I told her that if she went 5 times that we would go to the store and get a treat. OK, Barbie Mariposa is what she wanted. She went a few times and then I would remind her that x more times and we could get her Barbie Mariposa. She would say, "I'm scared of Barbie Mariposa!"

Well, she went once at Mom's and once here last night. We came home from the butterflies and she went AGAIN! This time not much crying or her usual, " But I can't push the pee pees out!".

So off to Wal-Mart we went and here is what she picked out:

My Little Pony PinkiePie

She loves her! She wants to take her everywhere! She even told me on the way out that she wants to get the blue one next. I told her 7 times and she can have it.

Well, she went one more time before bed and she was SOOOOO excited! No fighting, no crying... she went straight to her potty and went!

She is sooo proud of herself. All because of a little pink pony... oh, and the fact that it was HER idea didn't hurt either...

Man, she is a stubborn little booger!

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Cameron carbriley [at] yahoo [dot] com
2008/4/5 19:46

I'm so proud of you, friend. I told you panties are way cool!<br />
<br />
Love,<br />
BFF - Cameron

granny bernadette2 [at] valornet [dot] com
2008/3/24 02:44

good girl hannah! i knew you could do it and panties are so soft. you`ll love them much better than pullups.<br />
love,<br />