[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 06/09/2007 03:25


Hannah has been very helpful since little Drew's arrival (for the most part anyway). She loves to help me take care of him. Any time he is crying he runs to me or Ricky and says, "Baby Andrew is crying!"

One of the things she likes to make sure he has (whether he needs it or not) is his pacifier. She even likes to make sure Daddy has it when he is napping!

However, she can't say the word pacifier. It comes out as a tellapascer. I am not even sure how to spell it, but the "sce" makes the "s" sound not the k!

Drew happens to be very picky about his "tellapascer". As you can see he takes after his father and bleeds orange! Go Pokes!

PS Thanks to Aunt Sarah. She found it for us in Stillwater. Let's hope we don't lose this one as it is hard to find anything OSU south of the Red River and burnt Texas orange just isn't the same!