[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 02/22/2005 01:29

Baby Zeke's Shower

Yesterday we went to Leah's house to help welcome Baby Zeke to the world. Melissa and Mario will be having baby number 2 shortly. Since their first was a girl, we helped "shower" them with BLUE. As of right now his name is Ezequiel Julian (I THINK that is how you spell it!). We shall see in March if it is still the same!

Hannah was such a good little one. My friend Sara just held her the entire time and she didn't even make a peep! Sara had 2 boys very close in age and she was so jealous that Hannah has been sleeping through the night for a while now. I am trying not to brag too much b/c I know my next one probably won't be as easy going as her. I just try to enjoy while it lasts.

Hannah can't wait to meet her newest boyfriend! With all of the boys being born around her, she is going to have plenty to pick from. Just remember boys, no dating until she is 16!