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Mommy's Day Off~ Sort of...

Last weekend was Ricky's weekend. He met an old high school buddy for bowling on Friday night until the wee hours. He went flying with a buddy Saturday morning. He went to the driving range Saturday night to prepare for his Sunday morning tee time with the guys. I let him go knowing that he has been pretty busy with weddings and such.

So I realize that we get off on May 5 for our last bad weather holiday. I thought, "This is great! I can spend all day to myself on Friday. I can shop for last minute Mother's Day things and get a little scrapbooking in." I was pumped and the Daddy was all for it.

Then I realized he had a wedding which meant he would have to be gone Friday evening. Lucky for us the wedding rehearsal was Thursday night! Everything was going just as planned~

Until I woke up Friday morning feeling a little nausea. No big deal. Maybe I just need a little something to eat. Hannah and I went off to my old school to visit. They were having their annual Cinco de Mayo festivities complete with a talent show. It was great to see everyone, well most everyone and my kids from last year were really excited to see how big Hannah has gotten over the past year. We stayed about an hour and then hit the road. I still wasn't feeling great, but I thought it would past if I got something to eat. Uh... note to self... don't eat McD's when feeling this way.

Well, leaving out the details I spent the next 24 hours in bed with a fever and severe aches! By Saturday I was feeling better, but still a little weak.

The bad news is that Ricky woke up with it this morning. Hopefully, the missy will steer clear of it this time.

Note to the Davis clan who we will ALL be seeing this weekend for Dad's big retirement party: Rumor has it that it was at the Fort Worth Davis' household last weekend. So if anyone leaves the party this next weekend feeling sick... I didn't start it THIS time!!!

As you can see this wasn't my idea of day of rest and relaxation! Maybe when school gets out I will get my day to spend as I wish. That is if the flu bug stays away!!!

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DJ djb1541 [at] cox [dot] net
2006/5/10 10:38

how dare you say i'm old

Mommy annagode [at] charter [dot] net
2006/5/9 02:28

I know whenever there is a party scheduled I get sick so I have something to share with everyone. Sort of like a party favor of sorts... <br />
<br />
Hannah is still running a slight fever when I put her down this evening. Hopefully, she will feel better tomorrow morning. Otherwise, this could turn into a really short week for me!

angie kennedypearlsmommy [at] yahoo [dot] com
2006/5/8 23:38

oh,my doodoo! Can you ever catch a break?

Auntie Chris cnd5401 [at] yahoo [dot] com
2006/5/8 21:29

The Fort Worth Davis Clan got whatever it was from one of the kids at Myra's school. I don't think this family has ever been so sick (throughout one year).