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Week 36 Visit

On Monday we officially made it to a safe delivery date. By now Andrew will just be "bulking" up for the most part. His lungs are fully developed so we are good to go any time he is ready, which doesn't seem to be any time soon. I was having lots of contractions this weekend and not much in the past few days.

I had lost 3 pounds for some reason. I think it is partly because I am running out of room to eat much and I have been trying to drink so much water that I am really not too hungry. The doctor wasn't too concerned although she would prefer that I don't lose any more.

I measured just shy of 36 weeks so he has either repositioned once again or is not growing too fast. His heart rate was 160 which is fairly high for him, but I am sure it has something to do with the fact that his heartbeat is no longer on the right side of my tummy, but now my left! It must be hard work trying to roll over in such a tight space! I guess he is just trying to squirm around as much as he can which may be why I am having so much pain lately!

I had made a little progress and the doctor still thinks I won't go to 40 weeks, but I know she doesn't have an actual ETA. I am sure that 39 weeks isn't out of the question as ornery as the little guy is being!

Oh, well. It won't last forever. I am just enjoying my last moments of Hannah being an only child. She has been very lovey to me lately and likes to come up and lay her little head on my belly. She looks at me and says. "Hannah happy!".

I will let you know what she thinks once the baby gets here. I am sure her tune might change just a bit!

The daddy is hoping for D day in the next few weeks as his next wedding is 2 hours from here. I am hoping that it is too. Otherwise I won't have anyone there to take Andrew's first photos!

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angie kennedypearlsmommy [at] yahoo [dot] com
2007/4/26 03:24

Taps foot impatiently...We want pictures!!! Kidding, of course, mostly...Congrats on your newest bundle of joy.