[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 11/27/2004 15:46

Is She Brown, Anna?

We decided to go home for Thanksgiving after all. We were originally going to spend it here in Fort Worth since little Hannah was supposed to have been only 2 weeks old. Since she has already been here for SIX weeks, we decided to make the 4 hour journey north to the Red River.

Cousin Kenzie was very excited that we would be coming up. She and her brothers and Mommy are just about the only family members (besides Uncle Nate and his family in NC) that haven't had a chance to marvel in her beauty! I talked to Kenzie on the phone Sunday before we left. Her one question was: Is she brown, Anna?"

Kenzie has just been dying to have a cousin look like her. With Lindsay and Kennedy being little blondies and Myra a brunette, she has not had a cousin with jet black hair and that perfect skin color with natural suntan! Well, Hannah's hair is not jet black (not yet anyway!), but she does have the just stepped from the sun look on her little brown skin!