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Happy Turkey Day!

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Oklahoma visiting all of the family. The weather had turned bitter cold and as usual we Texans never bring warm enough clothes.

Sarah and her kids couldn't wait to meet little Hannah. They each got their hold time in (the boys just needed a second or two; Kenzie needed lots of seconds!). Kennedy and Angie came down from the city. We enjoyed lots of yummy food at Granny and PaPa's house for lunch. Of course, Hannah didn't get to taste any turkey this year, maybe next year!

Before dinner we stopped by and visited Daddy's best high school friend Jerry and his wife Jill. They hadn't met Hannah yet. They of course said she looked just like her daddy!

That evening we had another delicious meal at Grandpa and Lola's house. Uncle Hank and Aunt Lizzy were there. Lola had a great time holding Hannah and oh yes taking picture after picture!

We headed home late that evening as we were having more company that Friday: Uncle Hank and Aunt Lizzy were driving down to spend some quality time with Hannah as well as Mom and Dad.

Hannah behaved quite well for her first time on the road. We know that as she gets older it won't be as easy to get her in her carseat to take a 4 hour drive so we are going to enjoy it while it lasts!