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An unexpected visit to the Dr.

Well, today was Hannah's first official illness of her little life. An ear infection. I know I said that the same thing, "Isn't breastfeeding suppose to prevent things like that from happening?" It makes me wonder if mine is missing something!

I noticed her left ear had a little what I thought was just the crusties. She has broken out in a severe case of cradle cap/acne so I just thought that's what was on her ear. I cleaned it off.... the next morning it came I cleaned it off again..... it came back!!!!

Now those of you who know me know that I was too afraid to take her to the Doctor and find out she just had an enormously bad case of cradle cap that happen to migrate to her ear. How embarrassing!!! So I did a little research before I called. I searched the net. I called a friend who convinced me it was OK to call the doctor even if she just told me to wash her little head with Selsan Blue!

Secretly, I was kinda of glad that we had an excuse to go to the Doctor b/c I have been dying to see how much she weighs! My estimate was 8 pounds. Well, I was a little off the wee little one weighs a whopping 8 pounds 11 ounces! Boy is she a good eater!

Doctor Miller of course said that she had a case of cradle cap, but upon looking at her ear decided to take a swab to see what might be causing the crusties. She noticed a tad bit of fluid on the ear. Since Hannah is so young, she decided to put her on ear drops and antibiotics. Of course, she also prescribed something for the cradle cap: Selsan Blue!

We go back to the Doctor on Monday to make sure it is draining the way it should be. Hopefully, all will be OK.... However, I think I will wait until she gets to Granny's house to use the Selsan Blue. I would hate to be the one that gets it in her eyes! Granny is very experienced at things like this!

Oh well, this will give me something to scrapbook. There has to be a first sickness page in her babybook or it just wouldn't be the same! I just hope it is her last for a while!!!!