[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 11/06/2007 04:08

A Meat and Potatoes Kind of Guy

I know... we have been slackin'.  Poor little Drew is growing up before our eyes and we aren't bloggin' about it!  I promise we have tons to post and I plan to get caught up on our Thanksgiving Break.  I will try to at least...


Drew started cereal about a month ago.  He has been drinking so MUCH formula in a day and STILL not sleeping through the night.  We thought maybe starting cereal would help.  Dr. Shori wasn't so sure it would since he sleeps for at least 6 hours at a time most nights.


Let's just say Drew isn't a fan of cereal.  Every single bite he took he kind of just swished it around his mouth and let it ooze back out.  The little bit we got in him didn't make him sleep any longer.  Chris got through one box of rice and then we went to oatmeal.  He STILL didn't care for it any better.


Enter Papa:  The kids and I drove over to Mt. Pleasant, TX for the weekend without the daddy.  We went to my cousin's wedding and Ricky had a wedding to shoot.  Well, thanks to Granny and Papa for helping me out or I am not sure I would have made it.  More on that later...


Papa would take Drew for me while I went back to bed.  They sat around the breakfast table and enjoyed each other's company.  Apparently, little Drew enjoyed much more!  He nibbled on Fruit Loops and oatmeal and who knows what else.  He even had a little frosting at the wedding and LIKED it.  That fondant stuff sure looks pretty, but isn't much to taste.  But to him it was the best thing since "sliced" bread.


Well, tonight we broke out the veggies.  Not thinking he would eat much (Hannah ate like 2-3 bites on her first go with solids) we opened a Sweet Taters.  Um... let's just say didn't have ANY problem swallowing them.  He ate ALMOST the entire container!  He also downed about 8 ounces of formula since then. 


Here's hoping THAT will make him sleep through the night.   Lord knows it's about time!