[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 07/26/2007 01:58

3 Months Old

It is hard to believe that it has been 3 whole months since little Drew made his grand entrance. A lot has changed since April. He is getting such a little personality and we are enjoying him more and more each day.

He LOVES to be held so he can see everything. The ladies at VBS today couldn't believe how well he holds his head up and thought he was older than he was. I guess that's b/c when he lays down he is not happy so up he goes a lot. Doesn't want to miss a thing.

His eyes are still blue which makes Mommy happy. She finally got one that looks like her! He is very mobile as mobile as a 3 month old can be. He is one good circle turner. Still not sure how he manages to get all the way around like that.

He is wearing 3-6 months clothes now, but he doesn't seem to be super big. Just average I guess. Some people say he seems small, but we think he is rather big when we compare him to his sister at that age.

The best part is how he interacts with Hannah. When she comes into focus, his face just lights up! He LOVES it when she plays with him. She likes to get down on his playmate with him.

The other day she was laying with him and she said, "Get up, Baby Andrew! Get up!" He's advanced but not that advanced so she will have to wait for that!

One day she was laying across his belly. He got so excited that he started flailing his arms up and down. She told him, "Stop it, Baby Andrew! Quit hitting Hannah!". The love-hate relationship will only get stronger the more mobile he gets!

Anyway, back to Drew. His big milestone this month is SLEEPING through the night! It is wonderful! For the past 2 weeks he has been sleeping mostly until 6 or later with only a few 5:00 wake up calls. We are ready to move him into his crib once we get everything set up and clean out his crib!


I love those happy wake ups.� After weeks of being woken up by a very hungry, screaming newborn, it is refreshing to wake up to his cooing and giggling!

His napping during the day comes and goes. He is a huge catnapper. However, in the afternoon he will usually give me a good 2 hour nap as long as sister is out too. His favorite place to nap now is on the daddy's office floor. I guess the warmth of the computers as well as the hum is very soothing.

Next week I have a 2 day workshop. I guess we will see how he handles not being with mommy all day or even more how mommy handles it.

Here' to another month, Drew Bear!