[Davis Daycare!]Received 05/19/2005 14:11

A Trip To Burger's Lake

Yesterday, we took a couple hours and headed out to Burgers Lake to meet up with Ricky.  He had called and said that he was out there with a group from school.  Even though this "lake" is practicaly in our backyard, in the almost 4 years we've lived here, we have neve been there.  I was thinking it was something like Lake Carl Blackwell in Stillwater or Stroud Lake but it's not anything like that.  It's like a water park with a nature theme. (You can see pictures of the lake on the Davis Family Blog at http://www.thesquatch.com.)  Myra had fun swimming and Noah had fun wading.  Hannah had fun visiting with the teachers and students while Ricky grilled the dogs.  We'll have to go again sometime this summer with Anna and Josh.