[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 06/03/2005 04:24

Asleep at the flight controls!

We picked up Hannah another airplane the other day. One that she could "fly" in the swimming pool. This isn't something I take lightly, to be a pilot in my squadron, you need discipline & training. Before we took out her new plane, we familiarized Hannah with the controls. She seemed at home and learned very quickly (just like her father). Then came the real test. We took her plane out for a spin, with an instructor of course she's only 7 months old! Instructor mommy "flew" her around the pool a bit, but when it was time to go solo something happened. It seems that after all her training she was too tired to pilot her plane. She fell asleep. She fell asleep in the freezing cold water with many screaming kids playing around her. Unbelievable. Noah Davis, from the Squatch Squadron, had no trouble piloting her plane. They must train differently over there

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Anna anna [at] stuever [dot] net
2005/6/3 20:35

Too cute! That picture of Hannah asleep is adorable.