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Happy 4th Anniversary

Today was Ricky's and I 4th wedding anniversary. I spent the day flying back from North Carolina with my mom and Hannah and he spent the day teaching summer school. Hey those golfclubs weren't free!!!

Anyway, we found a few moments to sneak away (with the Missy of course!) for some dinner at Romano's. We filled ourselves full of carbs and then even took some to go: cheesecake with strawberries!

Tomorrow our "gift" to each other is arriving. A tree!!! It is a pretty good size red oak and it will be nice to actually get some shade from it. Maybe we can even hang a nice tire swing for Hannah to enjoy. It is coming in a 95 gallon bucket that weighs 1200 pounds. Lucky for us, they deliver.

Here's to another wonderful year with you, babe!

PS Does the trip to Hawaii come on our 5th one? Or is that a new diamond? Just kidding!!!