[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 07/28/2005 04:24

A Visit with Family: The Davis Side

Last week we decided to make the journey north across the Red River to see the fam. Between Ricky's summer school and wedding shoots we just hadn't had a chance to visit the Sooner state yet. Luckily, we found a few days off and decided to take advantage of it.

We even had an added bonus: Tonya and the kids were there! A very nice surprise! Hannah is very lucky to see them twice in one month! With them living so far off it is very hard to see them more often.

Aunt Tonya made sure Hannah got a good nap in (She slept for 2 hours in her arms!) Lindsay and Brandon enjoyed holdin her as well. The cousins spent the HOT summer afternoon playing their own version of "KNOCK and FIND". A game that we all played as kids at Granny Balk's house.

On Friday morning we went to watch Kenzie at basketball camp. Hannah enjoyed being her nosy little self and watched everything that was going on. Kenzie even won a medal!

Unfortunately, Hannah was not her usual bubbly self. Due to teething we think. She was a little fussy most of the time wanting only to be held by who else: Mommy. Although Aunt Sarah made friends with her Saturday morning when she brought in DONUT HOLES! She LOVED them!!!

PaPa was kind enough to get up with her Sunday night and let Mommy sleep. He said the whole time she kept looking around for "the Mommy"!

Daddy had a good time golfing as I am sure you read in the previous post! We all enjoyed a nice relaxing dip in the pool. It was nice to get out of the city for a while. Looking forward to our next visit!