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Zeke's Baptism

Sunday, July 17, 2005, we helped welcome Zeke Gonzales into the Catholic Church by way of a bowl of water. What made it even more special is that I was asked to be his Godmommy!

He was so good! He didn't even cry when they poured the water on him although his eyes did get as big as quarters! Hannah had a hard time with Mommy holding another baby so needless to say I was holding her MOST of the time instead of Zeke. But I don't think he minded one bit. He is still at that age where everyone is his friend.

Hannah looked very sweet and angelic in her white dress that DJ and Shawna brought to her when they came for a visit. However, since discovering her crawling legs she found it difficult to cry in her "ballgown"! By the time the reception started she was stripped to her bottoms.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch of Dickies BBQ back at the Gonzales household. Hannah had a great time playing with all of the kids. Apperantly, Lili has lots of greats things to play with, but most of the kids agreed that the cat toys were the best of all!

Welcome to God's Family, Ezequiel Julian Gonzales! Thank you for choosing me to be your Godmommy!!!