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Happy Halloween 2006!

This year Hannah was an Oklahoma State Cheerleader, I think she liked the costume better than last year's, but I don't know how keen she was on the whole trick or treat thing. Instead of going door to door, this year we went trunk to trunk at Mommy's school. People decorate their car trunks and we go from car to car and "Trunk or Treat" in the parking lot. I know she likes candy, but she is an instant gratification kinda girl. When someone would give Hannah some candy, she wanted to eat it right then and there. She didn't understand that it was all you can grab, and then eat it. She got mad because we tried to keep her candy in her little basket instead of eating it right away. She was all smiles when we got back to the studio house. (Notice the candy in her hands, the bribing has begun)

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