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Sunshine State ~ My Foot

We have arrived in sunny Florida. Although we were a little surprised to find that they are in the middle of a very serious cold snap! Freeze warnings were in effect last night and the day temps haven't risen much higher than 60! Crazy, we brought all of these summer clothes and swimsuits and won't be able to wear a one of them! Luckily, I had stopped by ROSS before we left and bought some winter maternity clothes, but failed to get a jacket. Who would have thought that I would have needed one here?

We arrived to Orlando late Sunday night. By the time we got the car it was after midnight. We are minivan driving fools. I never thought I would like one, but it is sooo roomy and even had a GPS AND a DVD player. Hannah quite enjoys watching the "Heroes". We were set to hit the resort...

However, much to our surprise instead of driving right to the hotel and right into bed. We spent over an hour in the parking lot of 7-11 trying to figure out where we needed to go. It seems that even though I made arrangements to pick up our info after hours, it wasn't there. Not to mention the hotel that I KNEW we were staying at didn't have us down to stay with them. Well, come to find out the resort changed names about 6 months ago and no one seemed to mention it that last 6 times that I talked with them in the past month. I was so cranky!

Finally, Ricky was able to get a hold of Lou who had a reservation and we finally arrived at 2:00 am. Hannah was such a trooper. She stayed awake the whole time and didn't even fuss. The minute we hit the road though she was out and stayed out for the rest of the time. She slept like a baby!

We had to fulfill our "tour obligation" so off Ricky and I went early the next morning to get it over with. Our "90" minute sales presentation turned into a four hour adventure. We were able to convince the girl that financing 36,000 at 17% for vacations for life wasn't something we were looking for. So of course, who does she call in... the big guns.

The manager came over and tried to convince us. He could see that he wasn't getting anywhere and finally said, "Well, it seems that since this isn't your first one that you are basically using my property for free." Which I replied, "Hey that was the gamble you took when YOU called me on the phone!" He didn't really have too much to say after that and sent us on our merry way. As we left Ricky said, "Ok now our vacation can begin!"

And begin it did....