[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 12/02/2004 05:31

My Junky Old Baby

While at Mom's house over the Thanksgiving holiday Hannah got to spend some "quality" time with cousins. Kenzie spent most of her time carrying Hannah around, the boys spent most of their time playing downstairs. We didn't see much of them until..... we popped some of that delicious Trails End Boy Scout popcorn!

I guess that fantastic buttery smell drifted downstairs and boy did they come running! However, we had devoured it before they could say POPCORN! So Skylor asked if we could pop some more.

I told him (knowing how he loved being a cub scout) that all we had was that "junky, old boy scout popcorn". To which he turned promptly turned to me and said and I quote, "Oh yeah, well you have a junky, old baby!" and quickly ran down the stairs!

Well, I guess he didn't think my baby was too junky b/c a few minutes later, he asked to hold her! And here's the proof: Don't they look sweet!