[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 02/02/2005 04:11

All About Daddy!

Yesterday as you can see was ALL about Daddy! I woke up Sunday with a severe case of the flu. Determined to go to work (since I have no more days left) I did my best to recover, but around 3:00 am I gave up and called my sub..... which meant Ricky had "daughter duty" for tbe day.

He did a great job. Hannah didn't even fuss a bit! I think she rather enjoyed having a bottle all day. She downed each one in a record 10 minutes.

I am feeling better today and boy am I glad. I sure missed my "big girl" yesterday.... I think she missed me too as when I went to get her this morning she was ALL smiles for Mommy!

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Mr. Mom ricky [at] cakevideo [dot] com
2005/2/3 05:04

Just call me Mr. Mom. This was the first day that, for me, Hannah didn't cry once. She may have cried at Davis Daycare, but she did\'t fuss one bit on the way that morning, nor did she fuss when I picked her up. She usually crys for about 30 minutes until mommy gets home. But not today! We played on my 2 puters and I put her to bed, and she never fussed a bit. I am very proud of her.