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Big Boy Bath

This past Tuesday Drew officially is not stinky any more! We finally got around to giving him his big boy scrubbin'. His cord fell off the day before Mother's Day, but his little button was still oozin' a bit of stuff. We decided to give it a little more time to heal and then we were out of town and then well, you know...

Feeling a little more confident this time around about giving him his bath, I got everything all set up and ready to go. The baby oil, soap, Q-tips, lotion, washcloth, tub, towel, jammies, etc... You name it. I had it.

We always bathed Hannah in the kitchen, but I got tired of having to clear everything off the counters and all before we could start. This time I decided to try bathing him in our bathroom. Seemed to work OK. I started to fill the tub and enter one little factor that we DIDN'T have last time: a 2 1/2 year old helper!

Once the tub had water in it, she was all over it. She pushed a chair up and was ready to help! I gave Drew his "pre-scrub" with the baby oil and all on our bed while Hannah made sure the temp was just right. AKA splashed all around in it.

Once Drew was ready for the tub I brought him in and set him in it. He really liked it! Didn't seem to bother him one bit except when Hannah decided to "help" rinse the soap off of him. Let's just say she is not the best aim. He had a few little surprises of water in his face, but hey he better get used to things like that with Hannah around!

Of course, as always the worst part is getting dressed once it is all over and done with. Although, I think he rather enjoyed having his hair brushed. Check out that face!!!

When it was all said and done Ricky and I sat down in the family room to rest. He said, "Well, that was easy!" Uh, no I thought as I cleaned ALL of the water off of the bathroom floor...

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angie kennedypearlsmommy [at] yahoo [dot] com
2007/5/27 14:04

Hannah looks so proud! Way to help out Big Sis!