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[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 05/28/2007 19:12

The PeePee Dance

You ask any elementary teacher if they have seen this dance performed and they are lyin' if they said anything but YES! This dance is usually performed about 30 minutes after you have just taken the WHOLE class to the bathrooms. They know they shouldn't be askin' for another 30 minutes, but they just can't wait. They bounce up and down and squirm from side to side assuring you that they just CAN"T wait another 30 minutes until break time so you let them go to keep from witnessing another accident... Yes, even third graders have them...

Enter Hannah's version of this dance. We are trying to get her excited about this whole potty training thing. She has a chair, big girl panties, and now princess panties (AKA pull-ups). Still not interested... What are we missing? I found this cute little seat that you put on the potty that has DORA all over it. This had to be it. The missing link to get her to sit on the potty..

Well, she thinks the seat is really cool, but she prefers to wear it as a tutu and dance! She can't stand that I keep it next to the toilet and moves it every chance she gets.

Oh, well maybe this will be the beginning of some great scholarship money for her down the road. Doesn't every ballet company want a girl who knows how to do the PeePee dance?

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One thing I missed out on this time around was going to the stores and seeing all of the new 'must haves' in baby gear. We already had most of the necessities from Hannah's baby days. The only thing we needed this go around was BOY things!

My girlfriends and I got together in March for a dinner shower at a local restaurant. It was a great time and a little like a family reunion. I never got around to blogging about it b/c I never remembered to get the pics from Melissa. (Hey, Melissa. Do you think you could send them my way? Thanks!). Anyway, one of the gifts that we got was this thing called a Bumbo Chair.

Now, this is a fairly new thing as they were not around when the missy was born, but basically it is this foam plastic sort of chair. I think it will be great when Drew starts eating solids and it will definitely give him a chance to "look around" at different things much sooner than waiting for him to sit up on his own.

As for Hannah she seems to think it is a potty chair for her babies, but whatever gets her excited about the whole potty thing as long as she doesn't "try" it out...

Oh, by the way, his outfit matching the chair the day I took this pic is purely coincidental. I don't have things THAT together these days...