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Funny Hair

Our little bundle of joy who used to love so many things has started to battle the daily routine things. I don't know that it is necessarily because of Drew's arrival (well, maybe some of it), but more that she is now 2 1/2 and VERY independent.

She used to LOVE to go and find her babies at night (AKA go to bed), but now she fights it tooth and nail. She used to LOVE having water poured on her head at bath time, but now squeals and fights it...

Enter a little bit of creativity (good thing I do have a little bit of that now and then...) We play a little game that we call "Funny Hair". We lather up her hair and make funny hairstyles. What makes it even funnier is when she sees her new do in the mirror. She LOVES it and can't wait to wash her hair every night.

Here are some pics of her bath time on Mother's Day. What a hoot!

PS The daddy is off in Dallas at an arena football game with his AP. He tried to make it sound like he HAD to go to get brownie points, but I know that he really just wanted a good excuse to go... Look for pics tomorrow...