[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 03/08/2005 04:05

A Girls Afternoon

Last Saturday, February the 26th, (I am soo behind)... Hannah and I got to spend the afternoon with Myra while Christina went to get a pedicure (a V-Day present from Hananh). We had a really nice time and of course Myra wanted to hold Hannah, but only for a minute.

Myra was hungry (like always... She is always asking me, " Doo Doo, I'm hungry... What do you have to eat?" So Myra set up at the table to eat the rest of her PBJ that she brought from home. Well, Hannah didn't want to miss out on the fun so I decided to try out the highchair that Aunt Angie had sent home with us. I gave her a little spoon so that she could "feed" herself and she had such a good time. Myra wanted to know where her cereal was cuz my Noah eats cereal.

We still haven't started her on cereal yet... I think I will give it a try over Spring Break. But it looks like she knows exactly what to do with that spoon... Now only if I could get her potty-trained!!!