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Tummy Time

She's a cutie!

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Uncle Dan Comes for a Visit

Uncle Dan came by the other day, but not to see Hannah. Dude, he got a Dell! And needed some cables and stuff to get is new computer up and running. Thinking he could take Hannah and ransom her for some software, he picked her up and held her. I was able to take this shot right before Hannah and I took him down.

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My T-I-R-E-D Girl

When we were little, Mom used to use the following expression whenever we were cranky..."Someone is a T-I-R-E-D girl." Oh, how we hated it! We would just cry (or at least I would!) and say "No I'm not!" Of course, we definitely learned something from it... How to spell the word tired!

Well, now I know exactly what she meant by it. Last weekend Hannah was unbelievably cranky. She has gotten in the habit of not napping at all for me and by Sunday she is SO exhausted!!! At church I had to take her out. Later when we me Ricky at IHOP for breakfast (our Sunday ritual) she was absolutely awful!

Now Ricky and I are not used to this type of behavior at all! She has always been a very calm and happy baby. We were just thanking God that she only "acted up" every once in a while. I quickly took her out of the restaurant amidst all of the staring eyes of the other diners. I knew it would not be the last time, but it sure was the first time!!!

Anyway, Ricky and I were heading over to Arlington to "look at" cars (which is another entry all together!), we hadn't gotten very far when I turned around and yep... you guessed it! She was out cold. She was plum tuckered out and slept for about two hours.

Now Christina always says that she naps for her about 3 hours a day for her. I haven't seen much of that... I guess on the weekend she just doesn't want to miss out on any "Mommy time". I can't say that I blame her...

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Welcome to the World Hudson Brian!!!

On February 25, 2005, Hudson Brian Davidson entered the world at 8:07 p.m. after a very long and tiring labor. He just didn't want to leave his nice little comfy home for the past nine months. He is definitely going to be a Momma's boy!!!

Anyway, last Sunday (2/27/05) Ricky, Hannah, and I made the trip over to Baylor Grapevine to meet the newest addition to the Davidson family. Daddy Richard is a former co-worker of Ricky's & Momma Brandi and I scrapbookin' buddies.

Hudson is sure a sweetie!!! He has blonde hair and is very cuddly. Hannah just seemed like a giant next to him. I bet he will catch her soon enough though since he is already eating 4 ounces at a feeding! Hannah is still only eating about 3 ounces at time. That's ok. No boy wants to date a girl that eats more than him!

Hopefully, it will be a few more years until we have to worry about their first "date"!!!

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A Girls Afternoon

Last Saturday, February the 26th, (I am soo behind)... Hannah and I got to spend the afternoon with Myra while Christina went to get a pedicure (a V-Day present from Hananh). We had a really nice time and of course Myra wanted to hold Hannah, but only for a minute.

Myra was hungry (like always... She is always asking me, " Doo Doo, I'm hungry... What do you have to eat?" So Myra set up at the table to eat the rest of her PBJ that she brought from home. Well, Hannah didn't want to miss out on the fun so I decided to try out the highchair that Aunt Angie had sent home with us. I gave her a little spoon so that she could "feed" herself and she had such a good time. Myra wanted to know where her cereal was cuz my Noah eats cereal.

We still haven't started her on cereal yet... I think I will give it a try over Spring Break. But it looks like she knows exactly what to do with that spoon... Now only if I could get her potty-trained!!!