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New Topic: Blast From The Past

Today I was thinking. What did we do before digital cameras, before the interweb, before computers. When I was in High School, my computer class was on a TRS-80, also known as a "Trash-80" That wasn't too long ago, I graduated in 94. Those were the days, no viruses, no spam. I said to myself how will these memories be documented. We had film cameras, and still took lots of pictures, but where does it fit on this blog. Well that's where we have our new topic "BLAST FROM THE PAST" I'll try and find some embarrassing photos of Mommy and Daddy (Hannah will have enough, trust me). Our first pic was one that Anna found the other day. Its me holding this huge albino python. You can see the cages to the left and right of me stacked three high, those are full of pythons too, but they aren't as friendly as the one I'm holding. When we walked past the cages they would strike at the glass. I was afraid that they would break the glass! The next picture speaks for itself Mommy's in the middle.

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My Tired Little Girl

After Easter Dinner, I took Hannah in my office where she played with her little jungle gym. She took plenty of naps today and she was in a great mood. She just played and talked, and then she rolled over on her tummy, and played for a bit. Usually, she only likes to be on her tummy for a little bit, then she gets frustrated, but tonight, she fell asleep that way. I don't think she has ever been that tired. She has fallen asleep in my office playing before, but never on her tummy.

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Easter Dinner

The Davis Family came over for Easter dinner, and I grilled up some amazing chicken. Anna had it marinating all day and man it was tasty. Before Dinner Myra gave Hannah her Easter presents a great little animal sounds book, and some real keys . After dinner we played with some Play-Doh that Myra got for Easter. Because Hannah would try and eat the Play-Doh, she just read her book.