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[Pictures]Received 03/29/2005 03:19

Family Portrait

Okay, so I thought I would try my hand at the Photoshop, multiple layer, portrait, picture frame thingy. Seems like every one is doing it. I think one positive aspect is that the "portraits" can be taken at different times. If you have a bad hair day, no biggie, just wait until your hair is up to par, take the pic and set it in the picture frame. Enjoy!

[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 03/29/2005 03:13

Look what I can do!

Today was officially my last day of spring break. I took Hannah up to visit mommy at her school, and we ate lunch. When we got home, Hannah showed me her new trick, eating her bubble gum toes. Although, I don't think they taste like bubble gum, they can't be that stinky yet.