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Welcome Baby Zeke!

On Sunday morning we received a phone call Mario Gonzalez to let us know that Baby Zeke had arrived around 8:20 this morning. He just missed sharing my birthday with me by about 8 hours! Zeke's mom and I taught together for years before she decided to stay home and be a full-time mommy. Zeke's dad and Ricky are flying buddies.

Ricky, Hannah, and I set out to the hospital to go visit the little guy. It was an extremely long journey b/c we drove right past the hospital and got lost!!! But neither one of us had our cell phones to call for directions. We had know change to use the pay phone either!!! So we had to stop and buy a candy bar to get cash back so that we could call Mario. By then Hannah was starving so we had to stop and feed her. The list goes on and on ....

Well, we FINALLY made it to the hospital an hour and a half later. When we got there we found out that little Hannah couldn't go in for a visit (since she was under 7). She was SO disappointed that she didn't get to meet her newest boyfriend, but her and Daddy had fun out in the waiting room.

Zeke is sure a sweetie. It is hard to say exactly who he looks like, but I see a little bit of Mario in him.

Mom and baby are doing fine and set to go home sometime today.

Hannah's little circle of friends is getting bigger every day! Now we just have to wait until September when baby Gaytan and baby Beck arrive!!!