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Aero Ace

I went to the Southwest Aero-modeling conference last weekend held at the Convention Center in downtown Fort Worth.  We got there late Friday afternoon, but just in time to catch some cool indoor electric flying.  Of course they had the usual sub micro 15 gram cost 20 airplanes which fly indoor quite well, but they also had this new little airplane that I saw someone flying called an Aeroace made by Airhogs.  This little plane only cost , and flew right out of the box.  The guy even let me fly it at the conference!  It took a little getting used to.  It says it has ‘two channels’ but it really has only one:  throttle, and more throttle.  It has two tiny engines, and steers by differential thrust.  To go up, you give it more throttle, to go down less throttle.  Since it has no elevator, using the throttle tends to make it porpoise a bit.  When it turns, one engine spins faster than the other and it turns.  Indoors with no wind it flies really good, outdoors, with even the slightest wind will make it difficult to control.  Last week, Josh and Myra were kind enough to help me fly it around indoors.  Click here, or on the picture to view the video.

Firefox users click this link: http://www.rgode.homeftp.net/videos/Aeroace1.wmv