[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 11/25/2006 03:30

Orlando Vacation Day 2: Golf at Mystic Dunes

After our first trip to Universal Studios in Florida, Hannah was ready for nap time. It seems she is not too fond of Barney and friends. Instead of taking a picture with them she just buried her head in Anna's shoulder. She didn't like Dora that much either. So while Hank and Eliz went shopping, Mommy and Hannah took their naps, Daddy went for a round of golf at the freaking timeshare resort we were staying. I had a blast, the course was in great shape, it had a bunch of blind tee shots, sand and natural grasses were everywhere. The trees had this moss hanging off of them that made them look ancient. I was hitting the ball so well off tee and to the green. The only thing I couldn't do was putt. In fact, I 5-putted a hole this is almost unheard of, until you get a look at some of these greens. I was maybe 20 feet from the hole, with an uphill putt. The hole was above my head, literally. I have never seen such a steep slope on any green in my life. I hit the ball HARD, it rolled up almost to the top of the hill, then went all the way back down 10 feet past me. Now I was 30 feet away, and did the exact same thing. The third time I got on top of the hill, and two putted from there. I shot an 83 and was pretty happy with that. I birdied 18, with the ole' shadow on the ball trick. My putt came to rest on the lip of the cup, I walked over and put my shadow on the ball, and it actually went in. I've done it before by placing the ball on the edge of the cup, but never "in real life." I've attached a video I shot on 18 demonstrating the trick. From what I've been told, your shadow makes the grass relax and lay down allowing the ball to fall into the hole. Bill said it was against the rules saying my shadow is an outside agency, but what does he know.