[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 12/12/2004 18:49

Thunderbird Christmas Party Daddy wins BIG!

Last night was the annual Fort Worth Thunderbird's End of the Year Christmas Party! One main difference this year was that now it cost money! In years past it was always free to family and friends, not this year though. I thought with the addition of a fee, there would be less people that showed up, thereby giving me a better chance at the door prizes. Dinner was great, but I couldn't wait to get to the drawings. Hannah was excited for daddy too. She slept through the entire dinner.
When you walked in the door, they gave you a ticket, when your ticket was drawn you went up to the front and picked your prize. They always make sure everyone wins at least something. After you pick out your first prize, you put your ticket back in for gift certificates and the GRAND PRIZE a Futaba radio! My first prize I got a brass tube bender, I know it doesn't sound cool, but it does bend tubes. I also got a mini-miter saw, that's cool it cuts stuff. When our tickets were put back in the bucket, the guy next too me kept wanting to trade tickets, he was just sure he was going to win no matter what ticket he had. I told him the same thing. The drew a couple of gift certificates first before the grand prize, and wouldn't you know it, both he and I won! When we got home I told Hannah and she gave me this big smile to show her happiness for me. Then mommy made her dress up in this little pink mushroom hat and we took a photo.