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An Answer for Now...

By now most of you know that Ricky has been dealing with some back pain since June. He has made many trips to the doctor with no answers.

On Tuesday he left work in horrible pain and went back again to the doctor. Thanks to Uncle Josh who was there to rescue him. He had to be wheeled out in a wheelchair and Josh said it was like pushing Bernard! (Note: Bernard was my papa who was in a wheelchair for many years.)

They gave him a pain shot and knocked him out the rest of the day. I came home and he still wasn't able to walk. The toilet was clogged up (thanks to Hannah!), the trash bins were out, and the smoke detector was beeping b.c the battery was low. EVERYTHING was breaking down and I needed a handyman. So off to the neighbor's house I went...

Lucky for us our neighbor works for a neurosurgeon. She called and scheduled an MRI for him on WED night. Off we went for another "date" (The last time we went out w/o the kids was when Hannah was little and he about cut his finger off with his airplane and we spent the evening in the ER). I told him that we had to stop dating like this!

Tonight she called with the verdict... a ruptured disc with several more ready to do the same! Ugh! Not sure where we are heading exactly but the doctor is pretty sure he will need surgery sooner than later.

He heads to the surgeon on WED. Hopefully, we will know more than. At least we know what is causing him pain, now we just need to get it fixed...

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kennedy kennedy [at] cameraman [dot] net
2007/9/15 02:54

Oh my goodness. Glad you have some answers. Get better soon.