[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 03/08/2005 04:15

My T-I-R-E-D Girl

When we were little, Mom used to use the following expression whenever we were cranky..."Someone is a T-I-R-E-D girl." Oh, how we hated it! We would just cry (or at least I would!) and say "No I'm not!" Of course, we definitely learned something from it... How to spell the word tired!

Well, now I know exactly what she meant by it. Last weekend Hannah was unbelievably cranky. She has gotten in the habit of not napping at all for me and by Sunday she is SO exhausted!!! At church I had to take her out. Later when we me Ricky at IHOP for breakfast (our Sunday ritual) she was absolutely awful!

Now Ricky and I are not used to this type of behavior at all! She has always been a very calm and happy baby. We were just thanking God that she only "acted up" every once in a while. I quickly took her out of the restaurant amidst all of the staring eyes of the other diners. I knew it would not be the last time, but it sure was the first time!!!

Anyway, Ricky and I were heading over to Arlington to "look at" cars (which is another entry all together!), we hadn't gotten very far when I turned around and yep... you guessed it! She was out cold. She was plum tuckered out and slept for about two hours.

Now Christina always says that she naps for her about 3 hours a day for her. I haven't seen much of that... I guess on the weekend she just doesn't want to miss out on any "Mommy time". I can't say that I blame her...