[Blast from the Past]Received 04/26/2005 02:38

Together Again!

This weekend Hannah and I headed north over the Red River for Skylor's first communion. Ricky had a wedding to shoot so this was once again a girls outing. Hannah and I actually had a playdate scheduled for Saturday: A Mommy/Daugther get-together.

It just so happened that a high school friend of mine (Mandi) who lives in NC now was going to be in town. She thought it might be nice to have a "playdate" with all of us and our kids.

Mandi has an 18 month old named Landry who has been kind enough to share her clothes with Hannah. She has the most kissable cheeks and the bluest eyes.

Jill brought her 2 year old, Peyton, down. They live in Tulsa. Needless to say she looks just like her daddy (Jerry), but I can see some of Jill's mannerisms in her. I am sure that is what they will be saying about Hannah in a few years.

Us girls had a good time talking and catching up on things. Mandi has just started a new business venture: Mary Kay so we talked make-up as well. The kids played together pretty well. Peyton and Landry loved watching the animals outside. And Hannah... well, she was her usual self. Just as "nosy" as can be. Looking everything over.

It was so nice to see each other again! We will have to do it again real soon. Hope you girls enjoy the "blast from the past" pic I found. Don't you remember how much fun we had cheering together? Go Big Blue!!! Memories!!!

Then: Mandi, Anna, and Jill
Now: Jill & Peyton, Anna & Hannah, Mandi & Landry