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6 Months Old & Already a Winner!

On Thursday, April 14, 2005, Hannah turned 6 months. It is hard to believe that her infant years are half over. It makes me sad, but I know each stage in her life will bring something new. Of course, since she is 6 months, it meant another trip to see Dr. Miller for those wonderful shots!

Hannah's appointment was at 4:30 pm so I picked her up at "school" and headed straight for the clinic. Ricky wasn't going to the appointment b/c of friend of mine (who's expecting in Sept.) decided to join us. I wanted her to meet Dr. Miller to see how fabulous she is so she could bring her little one to her as well. Not to mention it is literally "seconds" from both of our houses.

Michelle was waiting on us when we got there. I checked in and then headed to the back waiting room for "well children". A few minutes later much to Hannah's surprise Daddy showed up. We all sat down and visited and before long, we looked up at the clock and it was already 5:00 pm! I felt so bad b/c here I telling Michelle what a great office this is and we are already having to wait. I have NEVER waited more than 15 minutes.

Ricky went and asked the receptionist how much longer it would be. She said, "We haven't forgotten about Hannah. It has just been one of those days!" Around 5:30 Michelle had to leave to go pick up her daughter. Finally, at 5:45 pm the nurse called us back to a "new" room. They are expanding the office and we had the only room with a beautiful mural painted on it.

Hannah got weighed and measured. Here are her stats: 13 lbs 12 ozs. and 25 inches. She has gained 2 pounds since her last visit as well as a few inches. She is now NO longer in the 3rd percentile, but has moved to 10th percentile! Yea!

Finally, at 6:00 pm an hour and half after her time, we saw the doctor. But there is GOOD news! Since we were so patient and kind while we were waiting, we got presents!!!! Hannah recieved 2 Enfamil developmental kits with formula, peek a boo blocks, and a classical CD. Dr.Miller felt so bad that we had to wait so long that our 9 month check-up is on the "house". No copay or nothing! She is not even going to send it in to the insurance. Yes, we even got it in writing!

Now here is the BAD part. It was Ricky's turn to hold Hannah down for her shots. It was a nurse we had never seen before. She was very friendly, but let's just say... She is not quick on the draw. It took her 3 times as long to get those shots in and poor Hannah knew it. I think I even saw a little tear in Daddy's eye before it was all over.

But once Hannah had a little Mommy time she was just fine and ready to play with her "door prize" as Dr. Miller called it. By the time we were through it was 6:50 pm. We decided to use Hannah's copay that we don't have to pay next time and treat ourselves to the Cotton Patch for dinner. Thanks for sharing, Hannah!

PS Tomorrow Hannah will be starting applesauce with her cereal. Be looking for pics!

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Hannah & the Butterfly

This morning while I was cleaning the kitchen (yes, I was actually cleaning!) Hannah started to get a little cranky playing by herself on the floor. So I put her in her high chair and this is what I saw all in about the span of 30 seconds....
Ooooo.... a pretty butterfly! I think...if I move fast enough I can catch it!
Caught it! I LOVE butterflies. They are so fun...
Oooo...what's this? Another "butterfly"?
Whaaa.... this is NOT another butterfly... MOMMY!!!

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Isn't Technology Wonderful!

When I was growing up, I loved watching Sci-Fi stuff, with Spaceships, Ray-Guns, and Video Conferencing. I don't have a Spaceship or a Ray-Gun yet But I do have Video Conferencing via Microsoft's MSN Messenger 7.0 Its pretty cool and over a broadband connection even better. Its an easy way the family can see/hear Hannah. But for right now, it seems that she is more interested in the keyboard more than anything else.