[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 06/30/2005 03:10

No Day at the Beach!

While in Wilmington Mom and I decided that we should spend a little time at the seashore. It had to be better than the ugly beaches of south Texas. So after meeting Mandi and Landree for lunch, we headed off to Wrightsville Beach. It was a lot nicer than the beaches of Texas, but it was very shelly.

We all got changed and headed down to the beach. Hannah enjoyed it for a little bit. And when I say a little bit that is exactly what I mean. About 20 minutes into she decided that she had had enough!!! I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Maybe NEXT summer will be better!

Translation: This is NOT my idea of FUN!!!

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Daddy rickgode [at] gmail [dot] com
2005/7/1 02:32

My poor little girl. I wish I would have been there, maybe when your older, we can have fun at the beach.