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Week 34 Visit

I skipped week 32's post. There wasn't much news to report though. Although I started to measure week ahead at that appointment. I have never measured ahead. Always right on the money! I really thought it was the nurse's fault as she was new to the office. But it seems that even when Pam measured me this time I was measuring 35 weeks. One of two things I guess he is going to be a porker or I'm the porker one of the two!

The little stinker gave me a scare a last week. I had been to the doctor on Monday and all was well, but around Friday I noticed he hadn't been moving as much. I started counting kick counts and he seemed fine. This when on for a couple of days. He wasn't very active, but his kick counts came back fine.

Sooooo I called and talked to the nurse. The minute we started talking about why he may not be moving the same, he stars kicking up a storm! He hasn't stopped since. I guess he was in need of some attention!

I have been having a few contractions here and there and a lot of pressure. The doctor said that he hasn't dropped yet so he won't be coming any time soon. Since Hannah came early she will now see my every week instead of every two.

We have been busy prepping the house for the little man's arrival. His room is almost put together. We just need to clean out the chest of drawers which will be a great Good Friday project for the daddy.

We got the cradle down from the attic in hopes that Hannah will get used to it and tired of it by the time he arrives. She loves to put her babies in it and tuck them in. She kept saying, "Hannah's bed!"

Here I am a few weeks ago. He is definitely starting to make his presence known. Some days I feel as big as a house!

I am not sure when he will decide to make his grand entrance. The daddy says that I have a two week window (wedding free) if I want him to be there. I already have my secondary drivers on stand-by in case the daddy is out on a shoot.

Here's to another week!

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Granny Bernadette2 [at] valornet [dot] com
2007/4/4 19:29

<br />
Hannah you`ll be a Big Sister very soon.<br />
It will seem like you grow up overnight. It might seem like an overwhelming job but you can do it. Granny`s babies all advanced.<br />
Love,<br />